Separating the blues


Adding the lines that will delineate the two shades of blue that will comprise the background. The darker tone will alternate with the brighter blue base seen in the earlier image.

Beginning to fill in the background color


At this point, I’ve filled most of the background with the base color for the canvas.  It’s very rough at this point, but I wanted to get a feel for the contrast . I’ll go back and tighten it up a bit before it’s over.  There’s a second tone of blue to be added, but this is the lighter of the two shades.

Moving forward on The Horns


Here, I’ve painted in the preliminary colors of the suits. This helps me quickly get a more solid sense that the work is progressing. I’ve done a good bit of work on the horns as well at this stage.

So where was I?

Hello, back from the Hinterlands. I was off working on a couple of new and exciting ventures for most of the year.  They’ll debut in earnest in 2015. Though one of the projects is art-related, it is somewhat different than the work in the jazz series, so I didn’t want to post about it here, although I will do a better job of keeping my sites updating should I need to take a detour in the future. I really am excited to get back to painting as I had planned to do much more in 2014 and have a ton of sketches for new pieces that I absolutely need to get to. I’m grateful for the support of and interest in my work and I look forward to bringing you new works before the end of the year and into the New Year.  Thanks so much!  – Darryl