Paris, Rome and other stops

I had the great pleasure to spend a couple of lovely weeks in Paris and Rome, among others, earlier in July and late June. We saw many great places, experience some wonderful moments and see many amazing sites, including a stop at the Louvre, but what inspired me most were the beautiful people we met throughout travels.

I look to returning and possibly working and exhibiting there in the next year.  Merci beaucoup. Grazie. Offers Limited Edition Canvas Reproductions

We’ve launched DDA will be the official source for limited edition canvas reproductions of select works. Each print is uniquely signed and numbered and printed from its own unique digital file.

The first release from the series is one of my early works, Light Notes (seen above). The edition for this piece is only 350. Pre-orders for this release will end on April 21st.  For more details, visit the site.

Suite New Orleans

Here’s the first new work from a series inspired by New Orleans. The title is Suite New Orleans. It was developed from a sketch in one of my many folders of sketches. This is an acrylic painting on stretched prime canvas, which measures 2 feet by 3 feet.

The original sketch put me in mind of the New Orleans French Quarter hotel balconies, so I decided to build around that concept. In the work, are a saxophone and trumpet player up on a balcony making music that fills the air and streets below. Two future works in the series will be released in the months to come. For information on price and purchase, contact originals@

New Orleans Swing Suite

I forgot to update my site with the progress on the New Orleans series. This photo is a few days old. I’m in the process of completing the first work from the series (seen above). I don’t have a title for it as yet but I’m getting closer to one. I based it on the famed French Quarter hotels. I should be completed in a day or two. Will up date with photo at that time.

Q & A: Music and Painting

Question: Hello, I’m curious about one aspect of your creative process. Do you actually listen to jazz while you paint? If so, how does it help you creatively? Christina R., Warrick, Rhode Island

Thanks for the questions, Christina. Listening to music is something I sometimes do when painting, but not always. I consider the “creative process” and the painting process to be primarily two separate things, I’m sure other artists have a different take on this. For me, the true creative aspect of a painting is in the development of the idea, particularly in the sketch and colors. By the time I’m actually painting, I’ve pretty much worked out all the aspects of what I want to do in that piece. It then becomes a matter of just going in and painting the piece the way I see it in my head.

Regarding music again, I used to have a kind of  ‘ritual’ where I would sit down, usually on a Saturday night, and sketch while listening to a new piece of music for the first time. I found that it made me listen better and made the sketching process feel less like fishing for an idea. It was just kind of relaxing and, inevitably, a few ideas would emerge from those sessions. I don’t do that very much anymore. Instead, I’ve developed another methodology for sessions which I’ll write about in an upcoming post, as that’s kind of an answer to another question. Thanks for writing.
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I’m Honored

Recently, a young lady named Bree wrote me because she was working on an artist appreciation project for her son’s 5th grade class. She asked if I wouldn’t mind answering a couple of questions for the class for her presentation. I agreed. The questions dealt with what I liked about 5th grade (Mrs. Williams, one of my favorite teachers), what musical artists I enjoyed, whether I played a musical instrument, favorite color and things that 5th graders might want to know.

Ten days, or so, later, I received a message from Bree saying, “I just wanted to show you what your art inspired the 5th graders to do!”. The picture below was attached.

I love it, kids. I’m honored. Thank you.

Q&A: Artist Influences

Question:  Dear Mr. Daniels. On your bio you mention that Norman Rockwell and Salvador Dali influenced you as a young artist.  Are there the works of other artists you admire or respect?  Jacques R. from Marseilles, France.

Thanks for writing, Jacques. In answer to your question, there are so many artists whose work I appreciate. I wouldn’t say that any of them had a direct effect on me as I discovered most of the artists I appreciate after I had found my identity as an artist. When you’re a young artist, it’s so easy to be influenced by the style and work of more established artists. I tended to be more inspired by photographers and artists whose work was more visible in commercial productions. I learned about Dali and some other artists I admire much later, and I’m really grateful that it worked out that way. I think if I had been exposed to a lot of those artists I would have spent more time to trying to mimic them and not finding my own way.

Today, I can say that I can say I truly appreciate the work of Edward Hopper, Jacob Lawrence, M.C. Escher, Keith Haring, Andrew Wyeth, and Claude Monet among predecessors. Among others today, I really like what Keemo, Ilene Richard and Rudy Gutierrez are doing. Hope that answers your question sufficiently.



Ode to Jack Davis


A great man named Jack Davis passed away recently.  Most people don’t know him by name, but if you’re over the age of 40, you’ve seen his work. Jack was an incredible illustrator and cartoonist whose work appeared in and on so many publications. His work was a great inspiration to me as a younger artist. He could work in so many styles and I endeavored to be as good a caricaturist as he was, but that was never in the cards. He was brilliant and I wanted to add my appreciation to all those that are being extended.

Questions & Answers


I often receive emails on various aspects of my creative process, interests. I receive other inquiries with questions for my opinion about various things, so I thought I’d use this space to answer and share my thoughts from time to time.

I have a few replies I’ll be posting about soon. If you have a question or comments as well, send it to: qa@ . I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to answer all of them, but I will do my best to respond as many as I can as soon as possible.